More FIRSTS before she leaves America


As many of you know, our German Exchange Student returned home one week ago. But before we close this book about our adventures with Lara… I have a few more blogs to complete! I needed some “adjustment” time after she left and had to catch up on work. The goal… when the blog is done… is to turn it into a book of memories for our family and for Lara.

Lara’s last week here was quite busy! She has some great… and silly… friends here in America. As we neared the day she would leave, this Exchange Student still had a lot she had not done or seen…even after spending almost 10 months here! With a couple days left in her visit, her friends made sure she did some things she had not done yet… or as they called it … “Firsts”.

Morgan picked her up for lunch, They went to a nearby restaurant called “Sauce” and to Jamba Juice. Then they went to KMart. Yep… KMart. I had never brought her there because… to put it quite bluntly… I just don’t shop there. But I found it funny that the girls even thought of it!

Then, as they walked out of KMart, Morgan asked Lara if she had taken a ride on a carousel in America. Lara said no. Just then, they saw one of those small children’s carousels outside of KMart. Yep, they rode that!

Morgan then got Lara a Jones Soda… another first. And then they came home and said they were going to “Heart Attack” someone. I didn’t even know what that was! They said you cut out hearts and stick them to someone’s car. Well, Jack was going to be their victim but it was taking too long to cut hearts so they just used sticky notes, stuck them on Jack’s car and they Ding-Dong-Ditched him. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you ring someone’s doorbell and then runaway and hide so they don’t see you when they open the door.

From there it was time to go Ice Blocking. By then, Jack and Gabby also joined Morgan and Lara…and they came by the house to pick up Brittany. You see… since we don’t get snow in Phoenix and can’t go sledding, people buy large blocks of ice, sit on them and slide down hills… like at a park. The pictures are a little dark but you get the idea of how much fun they had! I’ve included a few other ‘Firsts” in the photos below!

The next blogs… (1) Lara’s Going Away Party, (2) Saying GoodBye, (3) The First Week Without Lara, (4) Keeping in Touch, (5) A Host Mother’s Final Thoughts. I will probably need some tissues for some of these! 🙂

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