A German Instructor for the German girl’s Driving Lesson


It can be quite an experience learning how to drive…for anyone. But when you’re from another country, living away from home AND learning how to drive… it could be scary! Well, Lara just survived her American experience of taking driving lessons!

First of all, if you haven’t read why Lara is taking lessons here instead of at home in Germany, be sure to read my Blog Post from November. https://lifewithlara.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/taking-drivers-education-in-america/

When I called the Driving School to schedule her lessons, the lady at the school said they had an Instructor from Germany who has been waiting and waiting for his first German student. Well… it turned out to be Lara! His name was Volkar… and he’s been in America for 10 years.

Her first lesson was Friday. Volkar was supposed to be here at 11:30am. At 11:35am Lara said, “The German is now an American. He is late.” I laughed so hard at that! They soon left and were gone for 3 hours. About an hour or so later I received a call from my friend Kay. She was also Lara’s cabinmate on our Cruise in January.

Kay says, “Is Lara in a Stop-and-Go Driving School Car?” When I told her yes, she said she was driving right by her on the freeway! For a girl who didn’t get much practice on the road, they didn’t waste much time putting her on the freeway! Kay was telling us that she looked like she was doing well behind the wheel and she was going to catch up to them and get a picture! I went into worried Mother mode and told Kay not to distract Lara! I was so nervous for her! Kay said she was a safe distance away! They eventually drove past Lara and waved at her…and took pictures!

The Instructor had a sense of humor and told Lara to look over that she had some friends waving at her. He was funny another time when he told Lara that when someone honks at her as a driving student, she is allowed to honk back! She said she was honked at twice. And she said she honked back! 🙂

Today (Sunday), Lara went out for her second , and final, driving lesson. I got to meet Volkar this time. He was very nice and was still excited that he had a German student. He said they talked English the whole time and when he tried to talk to her in German, she was having a tough time getting the words out. He said he still speaks German at home but understands how she has forgotten her native language. He assured her it will come back when she goes home!

Today they went to downtown Phoenix to maneuver around the one way streets and practice freeway driving some more. There was an event downtown so she had a lot of traffic to deal with and learn how to handle. And then he gave her the driving test. We’re happy to say she passed with a 100% score! Now we just walk into the Department of Motor Vehicles on May 30, when her mother is here, she turns in her score sheet and she gets her license! Yet another new experience in America!

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