Preparing for her departure


In 10 days, our German Exchange Student will be on a plane headed back to Germany… to home…to her friends and family she’s been away from for almost 10 months. A happy time for all of them. A sad time for all of us as we have to say good-bye. And now the countdown is on to get so many things done before she leaves!

Our schedule is tight. The last day of school is tomorrow, Thursday. Lara, Brittany, Travis and their friends are going to the graduation ceremony at the High School Thursday night to cheer their friends who are graduating. Lara says that will be something new for her.

On Friday and Sunday, Lara has to go out with a Driving Instructor for 3 hours each day. She needs 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction before she can get her driver’s license. She started practicing on our lawnmower in the front and back yards. She can’t go to get her license until the 30th. That is exactly 6-months from the day she received her permit. I know… we’re cutting it really close to her leaving. In my blog in November, I explained why Foreign Exchange Students often get their driver’s license in America…even though they may not be able to drive at home until they are 17. If you didn’t read the blog in November, they save thousands of dollars getting their license in America!

On Tuesday, Lara’s mom arrives at our home. She flew into San Francisco with a friend on April 16th, drove to Los Angeles where Lara met her on Saturday, then they drove to Las Vegas. Lara returned to our home Tuesday night. Her mother is visiting National Parks and other sites for a week and will make her way to Phoenix Tuesday! She, and her friend, will stay with us!

In between today and the day her mother gets here, Lara wants to do so many things… get a pedicure for the first time… go out with friends, maybe to the Water Park or the Lake… spend a gift card at a jewelry store she hasn’t been too! Probably a million other things are running through her head!

We are throwing Lara a going away party on Thursday. It’s a Red, White & Blue themed party! Everyone will wear America’s colors, the food will be in American colors, the decorations will be in American colors! Anyone who has crossed paths with Lara has been invited! Of course, I will share pictures with you the following day!

Next Friday will be filled with packing and sharing memories with Lara’s mom. I’m also trying to come up with ideas on what to do with Lara’s mom when she’s here…because she will be here for such a short time! I’m sure we will come up with many things.

Then on Saturday, June 2, Lara leaves early afternoon and her mom leaves a few hours later. I’m not looking forward to that moment when she walks away, down the terminal aisle and we watch her disappear around a corner. At least we will all have each other here at home. I feel bad for Lara… who will have to sit through 3 flights by herself after saying good-bye to everyone. I don’t know if I could do that. These exchange students sure our tough! Stay tuned….

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