The little things we will miss


When Lara goes back to Germany, there are going to be the little things we will miss about having another teenager in the house.

I don’t think any family can have another person living with their family for 10 months and NOT get used to certain things they do or say.

She’s been gone for the past 4 days, spending time with her mom in California and Las Vegas but will be back tonight…. so it’s given me some time to reflect on the things she does around here that we will miss!

Here’s a list of those “little” things:

  • Her dancing to music in the office when we are working…. like twirling round and round.
  • Her dancing in the aisles of the grocery store…. twirling round and round.
  • Her getting the mail every day when she gets off the school bus
  • Her marking off who paid rent on our work boards.
  • Her organizing the pantry.
  • Her recording and watching her favorite American shows like “Good Eats” and “The Amandas”.
  • Her sitting across from Brittany watching TV. Lara always sits on the right side, Brittany on the left.
  • My separating Brittany and Lara’s similar things by saying, “Left Lara. Right Brittany”. That’s how I remembered which flavor of Toaster Strudel was on each side of the toaster for breakfast… or whose lunch was on which side of the counter as I packed their lunch.
  • Remembering that Lara likes green apples, Brittany likes red.
  • Her searching Pinterest and reading out loud the signs and posts that are funny…especially ones from other exchange students.
  • Her telling us when an American word we use is really from Germany.
  • How she doesn’t like soft bread anymore.
  • Her clothes hanging to dry on the upstairs railing.
  • Her showing off her nails when she polishes them with different colors or designs.
  • Her jumping out of her seat and wanting to ride with Terry when he goes to Home Depot.
  • Her wanting to go with me to see new Rental properties or to WalMart.
  • Her asking if it’s going to be cold outside. (She was almost always cold here).
  • Her watching YouTube videos with Travis.
  • Her grabbing Angel (our little dog) out of her bed and hugging on her.
  • Her love of bacon…. and potatoes…and nutella. But not all together. 🙂
  • When I log into Facebook on my computer and it’s on the German Facebook start-up page.
  • Her love for stores like Ulta, Forever 21, TJ Maxx and WalMart! Oh boy, she LOVES WalMart!
  • Her singing around the house. Well… maybe I won’t miss that so much! LOL
  • Her telling me NOT to sing around the house…. just like Travis and Brittany do.
  • Her taking pictures all over the house for her Digital Photo class.

I’ll probably come up with many more. This was a good start!!!

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