Seeing her mom for the first time in 9 months


This is a big day for Lara! She gets to see her mother for the first time since mid-August when she arrived in America to be an exchange student! It’s been a long 9 months in which they have both experienced major changes in their life being apart!

Lara’s mother arrived in San Francisco, California. She will drive to Los Angeles, where she will pick up Lara at the airport! I wish I could be there for the reunion! They will spend a couple days in Los Angeles and then drive to Las Vegas where Lara will stay for a couple days. We were never able to make the trip to Las Vegas with Lara so I’m glad she wil be able to see it! For some reason, it’s a place where many foreigners like to visit! After all, they see it on TV and in Movies all the time! Lara will then return to Phoenix in time to take a couple of final exams and spend her final days at the High School she has called home for 9 months!

On May 29th, Lara’s mother and her friend will arrive in Phoenix, after a week visiting National Parks and other sites. They will stay with us and I am so excited to meet Lara’s mom! On May 31, we will have Lara’s Going Away Party and then on June 2, Lara and her mother leave for Germany on separate plans just a few hours apart!

It’s going to be a busy two weeks because Lara will be taking her actual driving classes with a German instructor and getting her license as well! I’ll be sure to share all the moments!

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