Couch Olympics


One of Lara’s friends in Germany commented on her Facebook page that her life here looked like an American movie. Not sure what that friend will think when they see and hear about Couch Olympics! Yep… you heard that right… COUCH…as in the thing you sit on to watch TV!

I have to be honest…  I didn’t really know what to expect when the YoungLife leaders posted the event and it’s title. I thought they were going to see how many people could sit on a couch…or which team could carry a couch furthest… or teams doing relay races with a couch involved. Then I heard they were collecting couches and bringing them to our house. I pictured our backyard looking like an obstacle course with couches spread out across the lawn! I mean, really… what else could they do with a couch???

Well….they could load it on pick-up trucks, bring it to different locations, take it off the truck, have several people sit on it and take a picture! Sounds like a lot of work to me but that’s exactly what they did! About 120 kids showed up at our house… (I’m sure our neighbors were thrilled)….they got into 10 teams and each had a list of places to go to get their picture on the couch! They went inside people’s homes, inside restaurants, in the drive-thru line of restaurants and Starbucks, under a water tower, on a softball field during a game!

As I sat in my office working, with Facebook open in another window on my computer, I started seeing pictures…like the ones below…popping up on Facebook! I laughed so hard! And when everyone got back to our house to gather for music and a Bible lesson, more pictures were appearing on Facebook! And the stories about what people thought as they walked into a store with a couch or under a water tower….were priceless! The next morning…there was one last picture to post on Facebook….a picture of two couches sitting in our front yard! If only I could hear what the neighbors are saying!

Overall… a very creative event and it definitely makes for a great Blog post! So… to that German friend of Lara’s…. yes… Lara’s life looks like something out of an American movie because she IS living the American Dream!!!! Enjoy the pictures of everyone who played along!!!

About schreinerrealty

I'm a Realtor, Property Manager ad Owner of a Real Estate Brokerage, Schreiner Realty. I'm a Mother of 2, stepmother of 3, and now a Host Mother of a German Exchange Student. I am an avid volunteer in our community, involved in networking groups including Women's Council of Realtors and Women of Faith in Business. I spent 16-years in TV News as a Producer/Anchor/Reporter/Newsroom Manager and still participate in free-lance Producing Projects.

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