Valentine’s Day in America


The first question everyone asks is “Do they celebrate Valentine’s Day in Germany?” Yes, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in almost every country around the world!

Heart-shaped Ginger cookies are popular in Germany for Valentine's Day!

Of course, they do some things differently but it has the same general idea… show your love and affection for others! In addition to the cards and flowers and candy, there’s another Valentine tradition among the Germans…  big ginger cookies.  They come in the form of hearts, decorated with frosting. Many a times, these cookies also have a few words written over them like meine Shatzi, Ich liebe dich, etc. Lara received one from her mother at Christmas time, as you can see in the photo.  Presenting bouquets of flowers is yet another popular German tradition during Valentine’s Day.

In America… it’s become very commercialized! I can’t believe how many people I saw in stores buying flowers and heart-shaped boxes of candy. Even the local grocery stores set up big trucks in their parking lot for convenience along with a tent filled with stuffed animals, flowers, candy and other goodies. People can just drive up, get what they need and hurry home… and don’t have to fight the crowds in the stores.

Our Valentine’s Day consisted of doing special things for the kids. Terry and I went to the local Costco and bought a Keurig Coffee machine that we’ve been wanting. I guess you could say it’s for the whole family because Lara and Brittany also like the Lemon Iced Tea.  They tried it at our son and daughter-in-law’s house.. Travis will use it for hot chocolate! When the kids got home from school, they saw it the box with a big heart on it that said “Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO”.  They also found me working

Red Dinner Table!

in the kitchen for a couple hours to make a nice dinner. I made Lasagna and Italian Salad with Cupcakes for dessert! And the dining table was set with red dishes and red wine glasses (for sparkling cider, not wine)… and of course, candles! I think they liked it… they didn’t say too much… maybe they’re more accustomed to packing around the kitchen table and not such a formal atmosphere! LOL! After dinner, we gave them each a heart-shaped box of chocolates. No…they weren’t German chocolates…and probably not as delicious… but it’s the best we can do in America! It’s the thought that counts anyway!

By the way… Valentinstag is how you say Valentine’s Day in German.









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