MORP Dance


What is MORP? Well, according to the Urban Dictionary, it is: “A super fun dance. It’s the word “Prom”spelled backwards and that is just what it is… A backwards prom. Instead of dressing super fancy and such, one would dress really crazy and fun. Most Morps are 80s themed or you just wear mismatched, bright, crazy, fun outfits and look like a total goof ball. It’s lots of fun no matter what grade you are in.”

That explains Lara and Brittany’s weekend perfectly! The theme of this year’s MORP was Marvel Characters…. as in Super-heroes! They went with a group of friends, instead of individual dates, gathered at a friend’s for some fun pictures before the dance and went to iHop afterwards. They said they danced with groups at the school and had a great time! Since I wasn’t there, all I can do is share the photos before the dance! Looks like there was a lot of laughing!!! And by the way… this makes the second school dance Lara has been to in America. Back home in Germany, they don’t have school dances! I think she’ll miss this stuff!!! Enjoy the pictures!


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