American Movie Theatres


We are not a big movie theatre family and typically wait for movies to come out on DVD. So it took 5 months for Lara to be here before we went to our first movie! The big question… is there a difference between American and German Movie Theatres?

We went to a Harkins Theatre that has 25 screens. Lara and I went with Kay, Lara’s cabin mate on the cruise, and her Assistant, Amanda.  Lara said they have large theatres like that in Germany too. She thought the actual thatre we were in was small but we explained to her that, depending on what movie was playing, it might be in a smaller theatre. Some are larger.

At first, Lara thought our prices might be a little higher but now says they are similar in price. Her mom tells me that it can cost as much as $12.50 to get in. Kay had some Harkins Theatre passes that allowed us to get in for $6.50. Typical price for a movie in the evening is $9.50. There are also discounted adult admission for shows before 6:00 PM and discounts for children (ages 3 – 13), seniors (60 years +) and students (with current ID). A chart is below.

General Admission
Adult $9.50
Matinee (Adult, starting before 6pm) $7.00
Child (3-13) $5.50
Senior (60+) $6.50
Student (with valid current ID) $7.00
Military (active duty with valid ID) $7.00

In Germany, they can buy tickets online, just like in America. But they have many locations that have Reserved seating. Typically, America does not offer reserved seats.

And that smell of popcorn that wets your mouth from the moment you go inside the Theatre Lobby is the same no matter where you go! The Concession prices are high in Germany too… like$3.50 for a small soda and $5.00 for a bag of Popcorn! Kay had a Popcorn bag that was allowed to be filled one time FREE… so we definitely took advantage of that!

So, overall, Lara’s first American movie Theatre was not much different than Germany but still… it was another FIRST in America. By the way…we saw ‘We Bought A Zoo”. Very cute movie, entertaining, beautiful scenery and animals! We all recommend seeing it!

The next Blog Post with A LOT of differences… American vs German TV!!!

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