Lara and The Ladies Travel Club Go German!


A Social Group for Ladies who love to travel!

When you are a member of a Ladies Travel Club…and you have a German Exchange Student in your home…it just makes sense that a visit to a German Restaurant gets on the calendar!

The Ladies Travel Club is a Social Group for Ladies in the area who want to explore other cultures by visiting Festivals, Restaurants and other Venues for a particular country. I organize the group, which meets once a month.  I simply pick a country or theme, choose the date to meet and invite Ladies who are members of our Facebook Group.

Greek Festival 2010

We’ve had 23 people attend the annual Greek Festival in Phoenix.  I’m Greek so I was able to help explain foods. When we visited a Peruvian Restaurant, one of our members, Paula, is from Peru, and shared the culture and explained the foods to us.  When we went to India Grill, Janice was our expert on Indian food after being married to an Indian man for many years. It’s been a great learning experience and a great way for a bunch of Ladies to gather for a once-a-month ‘Girls Night” and Network with each other. Some great friendships and business relationships have developed through this group!

German Restaurant In Mesa, AZ

So, we took the opportunity of having Lara here and scheduled Germany Night at Bavarian Point in Mesa  The Bavarian area of Germany is in the south. Lara is from Northern Germany.  She told us there are many differences between the areas but the menu offered similar foods that she is accustomed to. The place is quaint, in a strip mall stretch of buildings. It looks small from the outside but is very roomy inside with a bar and large dining area.  We had our own private room because we were expecting a large group…. 16 of us!

Before we went there, I told her it was going to be a bunch of Moms and some may ask a lot of questions but just smile and answer what you can. She grabbed her translator just

Brittany and Lara

in case! Luckily, other kids like Brittany, Briana and Taylor were there so she wasn’t surrounded by a lot of “seasoned” gals! And, when it was time to order, everyone was calling out Lara’s name. We all needed her to explain what the items on the menu were, how they were cooked, what the words meant, was the dish good or not, etc! She quickly responded to each and every one of us!

Huhnerbrust Calbados

I ordered Huhnerbrust Calbados, Chicken breast in a cream sauce with apple schnapps
served with spaizles. My daughter, Brittany, ordered Filetgoulash “Stroganoff”, sliced beef filet in a paprika-pickle ham, mushroom cognac sauce finished with a heavy cream, served with spaizles. Lara ordered Huhnerbrust “Punijab”, sauteed chicken tenders in curry sauce with pineapple and almonds
served with rice. I can’t go thru what everyone had but, as you can see from all the pictures, it looked delicious. I have to admit, some of it was a little different, like the spaizles. Brittany didn’t like that part. My mother-in-law makes something very similar and the rest of the family loves it.

Some Members of The Ladies Travel Club

Overall, Lara said she had a great time! She had a smile on her face, she got to eat German food (which she probably misses), she met a lot of people and felt like the “star” of the night… since she was in high demand! Now she can come to the next Ladies Travel Night next month. I think the theme is Japan… so maybe we can find another Exchange Student to help us with that!

If you live in the Phoenix area, and would like to join us, please join our Facebook page.

More Photos Below!

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