Photo Scavenger Hunt Brings New Friends!


There’s nothing like a night of crazy fun…and 70 Teenagers at YOUR house… to help you make new friends in America! That’s exactly what happened to Lara, our German Exchange Student, on Monday Night!

Arriving at YoungLife

Our home is now the location for Club Night with YoungLife. I’ve talked about YoungLife, a Christian Ministry for Youths, in a past Blog. If you missed it, you can learn about it at This week was Kick-Off for the 2011-2012 school year and the highlight was a Photo Scavenger Hunt. This certainly is NOT the Scavenger Hunt I knew I growing up… running door-to-door asking for things to put in a bag like a safety pin, a piece of blue paper, chewing gum and other things in a neighbor’s home. Nope… this one has moved into the 21st Century by using a digital camera! Whoever came up with this was a genius!

About 70-80 kids first gathered in the backyard, while YoungLife Leaders put them into groups for the Scavenger Hunt. For safety purposes, only Leaders or Designated Adults drove the kids to get the items on the list. I had 6 kids in my car. The goal…get photos of the group doing the following things: Helpingsomeone put groceries in their car, clean someone’s car windows at a gas station, gather shopping carts, everyone be in a costume, pose like Ninjas in front of Starbucks, give a High-5 to a McDonald’s employee, spell out “YL” on the ground with your bodies, carry 20 pizzas at a time… and more!  For each item on the list that they took a picture of, they earned points. And if the group made a funny face while having their picture taken, they got 50 points more per picture!

High-5 the McDonald's Guy!

So, off they went. They had 40 minutes! Lara, Brittany and I were all in different groups. A few groups went to Wal-Mart, including Lara’s and Brittany’s. Good thinking on their part because Wal-Mart has almost everything that was on the list and it was one-stop-shopping! As you can see from the pictures…the kids had a blast!

When they came back to the house, Leaders uploaded ALL the pictures! No holding back! If you looked silly…it was being uploaded for all to see! Then everyone packed the house like sardines… all sitting on our family room and kitchen floor… to watch a slide show like they’ve never seen before!!! The kids sang along with the songs, Like Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing”… and laughed… and laughed… and laughed…. at the pictures. Needless to say… no one added up points.  As you can imagine… it wasn’t REALLY about the points and winning!! It was about having fun, building new friendships and seeing the pictures afterwards!!!
It was so heart-warming to see the girls having fun….  smiling, laughing, singing…and just let loose in their own home!!! It’s an event that Lara experienced for the first time and one that she said would probably NOT happen in her home in Germany! It was also a great experience for me to talk to their friends about how they see Lara adjusting and how Brittany and Lara are Sisters in this Exchange experience. You know… get the inside scoop. 🙂

Double Host Sisters!

At the end of the night… we had a more personal moment for the three girls of our family. Lara has made friends with the other German Exchange Student at the school.  She came to our home that night with her Host Sister.  I jumped at the opportunity to talk with them about their Exchange experience and snap a picture of what I now call, “The Double Host Sisters”… Aubrey, Mai, Brittany and Lara! It was a priceless night…to say the least!

Here are more Photos from the night… so you can see just how much fun these kids had!!! Enjoy!

Take a picture with a bird!

Carrying 20 pizzas!

Arm wrestling the Krispy Kreme employee!

Helping load groceries in a car!

Ninjas in front of Starbucks!

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