1st American Homecoming and Dance!


American High School kids grow up with it… the annual Homecoming Game and all the festivities that go with it like Dances, Carnivals and Pep Rallies!!! Well, to a Foreign Exchange Student…it’s much more than that!

Homecoming events are intended to unite alumni and students and create a stronger sense of school pride. From what I’ve seen over the years… I have to agree that it does that.

Homecoming celebrations first became popular on College and University campuses… and by the 1920’s Homecoming had taken root across the U.S. as an American tradition.http://www.fastweb.com/student-life/articles/2713-the-history-of-homecoming. I share this information because European countries do not have Homecoming. The link will help Lara’s friends and family who read the Blog overseas.

On Friday night, Lara and Brittany went to the Homecoming Football Game… decked out in their school colors and shirts. Lara went a little further and wrote out the school’s letters H-H-S in blue body paint on her arm! Yes…she is a fast learner! Needless to say, the game itself was a little ugly with the Varsity team losing horribly to another local team. I won’t even mention the score! But it didn’t matter! They all came home with smiles on their faces anyway!

On Saturday, it was all about the Dance. Actually… for the past couple weeks it’s been all about the Dance! First, there was dress shopping. My friend Kelly and her twin girls, Nicole and Rachel, took Brittany and Lara dress shopping! That Kelly is a brave woman, I tell you! Surprisingly… they found dresses within a couple hours… something I thought was going to take days! Brittany and Lara were sending me pictures through their phones so I could see the dresses. Both made great choices, as you


can see from the pictures!!


Brittany in her black dress with diagonal bow and sparkling jewels was stunning, of course!  And Lara in her cream and gold dress with one shoulder adorned with rosettes and sparkles on the bottom!

Of course, shoes are always an issue with girls this age! Luckily, Brittany had shoes from her brothers wedding…black with a ton of sparkles on them! A perfect match for the dress! Lara, however, was a different story!  She’s so tall that any size heel makes her tower over everyone else. She had a really high pair of shoes but we returned them and she chose something just a little shorter. The picture of the two boys and Lara is funny because, as you can probably see, they both went up on their tip

How tall can we get?

toes to be as tall as her. They were kidding her… but it made for a great picture! On a little side note, and to show you a cultural difference… when Lara told her Mother she was getting a Homecoming dress, her mother asked why she needed a dress to come home when she wasn’t going home till June. How cute is that?

On Saturday night, it was Date Night…. two guys taking nine gals to the dance!  Pretty good odds for those boys, huh? Picture taking at our home was a blast! The girls looked beautiful! As you can see, the girls were in black, white or cream


colored dresses. And a couple of them went the practical way… with running shoes on instead of heels! Kids these days!!! The boys brought pink roses to give to the girls and were so handsome! It was picture perfect!!! And for a couple of other Moms, and for me, it was the opportunity to snap photos like the Paparazzi at a red carpet affair!

Ready to Roll!

At 8pm, they hopped into three cars and took off for the three-hour Homecoming Dance at the High School! The theme was “Big Top Circus” and the girls said Hawk Hall (the main 2-story building on campus) was decorated beautifully! There was black and white striped cloths hanging from the ceiling…the DJ was hidden behind one of them…and different colored umbrellas hanging from the second floor. They said the music was great…maybe a few too many slow songs… but they understood that some people went with dates and others went in groups of friends. Brittany said when the slow songs played, most people went to get a drink of water! LOL

Host Sisters!

After the Dance, they went to IHOP, International House of Panckaes, with a group of 18 kids! The poor Server who had to take care of them! I finally picked them up at 12:30am and they were exhausted!

When I asked Lara what she thought of the dance, she said it was “hamma”.  When I asked what that mean, she said, “Great, fantastic, fun, extreme, ultra, and so on.”

One of her friends commented on her Facebook page saying her adventures in America look like something out of a movie.  After looking at all these pictures… I think I have to agree with him.

The three kids

Me and Brittany

Me and Lara

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