1st Day of American High School–and a Proud Mother of 2!


The first day of High School can be nerve-racking for any Teenager. And especially for a student who may moved from another school and has no friends. Now imagine… your first day of High School in America… when you are on the other side of the world from your home! A fairly traumatic experience… I would imagine!

Well… Lara handled it just fine! She has nerves of steal and guts of glory! Wow! As her Host Mother, I am so proud of her! AND…. I am also so very proud of my daughter, Brittany, for showing Lara the ropes!

I always call Brittany my “Baby” because, after all, she IS the youngest of 5 children! Even with Lara here…she is still the baby (she’s gonna hate me for this)! Lara is 5 months older than her. But today… Brittany played “Big Sister”! She introduced Lara to others at the bus stop, she brought her to the Counselor’s office for a schedule change, she found her at lunch so Lara wouldn’t be alone and she met Lara after school so Lara could stay late with Brittany in the Yearbook room. I guess some of my helpfulness to others has rubbed off on my daughter! Tonight I can say…. I am TRULY a proud Mother/Host Mother of TWO teenage girls!

Lara’s biggest challenge today is something… I believe… many other parents can relate to. Hear me out for a minute…and you’ll get the point!

Lara needed a schedule change. She is required to take US History and not World History, which she was scheduled for. So, her Counselor told her to come to her office when she arrived at school. Lara and Brittany went to the office and were told the Counselor was not there and to come back at 3rd period. Wait…. Why wasn’t she told to take a seat until her Counselor got back? After all, isn’t this a 15-year-old German girl’s first day of American High School? There’s more….

Lara returned to the Counseling office at 3rd period. This time she was told all the Counselors were in a meeting and to return at 5th hour, which is her Lunch hour. Wait… Why was she told to go there at 3rd hour? Didn’t the office KNOW the Counselors had a scheduled a meeting? Wasn’t it on their calendar? There’s more….

Lara returned to the Counseling office at the start of 5th hour. This time she was told the Counselors were at Lunch and to come back at the END of 5th hour. Wait… Are they at lunch EVERY DAY at this time? Does the office NOT know who has lunch at 4th hour and who goes at 5th hour? Needless to say… Brittany couldn’t find Lara anywhere in the Cafeteria and was getting worried. There’s more…

Lara returned to the Counseling office at the end of 5th hour, after a very short lunch, and FINALLY was able to see her Counselor. Her class was changed but by this time, Lara had already sat through the wrong class… on her first day of American High School… on a day she is already nervous and anxious… on a day that she should have been treated a little more gently…and a little more like a Visitor from another Country.

Overall… she made it through. And I hope this series of events will not tarnish her image of American High School.

And I hope… when others read this… they remember this story and have a kinder, more welcoming, first interaction with any first-time student, Teenager, Foreign Guest… or just any other human being. After all… this IS America.

About schreinerrealty

I'm a Realtor, Property Manager ad Owner of a Real Estate Brokerage, Schreiner Realty. I'm a Mother of 2, stepmother of 3, and now a Host Mother of a German Exchange Student. I am an avid volunteer in our community, involved in networking groups including Women's Council of Realtors and Women of Faith in Business. I spent 16-years in TV News as a Producer/Anchor/Reporter/Newsroom Manager and still participate in free-lance Producing Projects.

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